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Designed on what was the principal house of an old residence, it has 37 acres landscaped and covered with aged and big trees.


The park have habitats and enclosures where live and grow  a wide variety of animals of different species such as lions, tigers, cougars, Asian elephants, dromedaries, monkeys, sea lions, toucans, macaws, red deer, carpincho, axis, antelopes, llamas , foxes, brown bears, flamingo, guacamayo, etc.


The enclosures and cages are personally supervised by zookeepers who provide the visitor with information and knowledge about the animal’s habits and characteristics.


So, with the advice and guidance of these zookeepers, and respecting the hour of each specie, in some enclosures,  where it is allowed, the visitor may have a unique interacting  experience (with monkeys, deers, and dromedaries, etc. .).


For the kids, there are some pens with farm animals like rabbits, chickens, goats and calves, among others. In these areas, with the assistance of park staff, children receive basic information about these animals and learn basic rules on how to interact with them. Kids can ride Ponieseither, and all that for free. We also have a playground.


From 11a.m. and along the rest of the day, guided tours are available to all Zoo visitors. During these visits the public learn about thecharacteristics of the animals; About the differences between similar, and so many times confused similar species. When the exotic species arrived to the country.  And a lot more valuable information about each of them.


For those who want to spend a full day of field, Luján Zoo has several grills (barbaque/asado) distributed over the park, the use is free of charge.


even the possibility of using our camp site, for tents or RV’s, and camping in the zoo for several days. Hot-water-showers are available.We can give visitors the opportunity to leave and re-enter the zoo at any time of the day (always with the same ticket). It’s a good opportunity for those who want to make a trip to the Basilica and the Museums, in Lujan city. For adventurous visitors, there is


Vehicles can also enter the zoo and then be parked  in any sector of the property (cars do not pay any fee or parking). The entrance fees are entitled toaccess all of the Zoo activities (guided tours, dromedaries’ rides, ponies for children, use of grills, and access to pens when where permitted,use of play land at the square, etc..).
For those visitors who want to camp the input value is the same ( provided per person per day ) , and enables them to set up a tent or motor home and to use  electricity and other services to the Zoo , excluding hot showers, which have an additional (consult) per person.


In addition to animal-related activities, throughout the year, our visitors have also the opportunity to see the exhibition of old vehicles and antique tractors on display in the same zoo


Questions? doubts? contact us through the telephone numbers listed at the end of this note. You may also contact us thorough e-mail.


We hope that the information provided will be useful and we appreciate the interest shown about our Zoo Lujan.


All who are part of the ZOO-LUJAN are very happy that we have been chosen as a possibility to stroll and to meet our animals!
Here we provide information about the characteristics and activities of Zoo-Lujan and different options to get to the place we’re settled in, withdifferent and varied ways of transport.


The Zoo-Luján is located at kilometer 58 of Autopista del Oeste  (Avenida Gaona), and is open daily, the whole year, from 9 am.




Acceso Oeste Km 58, Luján, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tel. (02323) 435738 / (02323) 576317/8  Abierto todos los días del año © 2016 ZOO Luján
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